Equality policy

Whilst organisations do not have an Equality policy,a policy is a good way of demonstrating your commitment to preventing discrimination or harassment in your workplace.

The policy is also your opportunity to make clear that you will take seriously any breaches.

If you do not have an Equality Policy, think about putting one in place.

If you do have an Equality Policy, this should be updated to include religion and belief.

Make sure that all managers, supervisors and employees are trained in the content of the application of your Equality Policy, are fully informed of updates/developments to the policy. This should also form part of the induction arrangements for new employees. Staff should understand that if they harass their colleagues, they could be personally liable and may have to pay compensation over and above anything the organisation may have to pay.

Put your Equality Policy at the heart of all organisation activity. Every policy, procedure, system, training and development event and so on, should be consistent with your equality goals