With a Bespoke Calendar for your Organisation you can...

build awarness of inclusion

....every single day

promote your Dual Awards - like Criteo!

Inclusion Award 2022 AND Diversity Champion Award 2022

reflect the best of your organisation

What message do you want to get across?

have a great front cover

...and your own images inside


BESPOKE Online Inclusion Calendar

More and more organisations every year are opting for the Bespoke Online Inclusion Calendar to ensure that the images reflect their operations, interactions with customers and the work of their staff. It’s a brilliant way to demonstrate inclusion in the workplace.

We now can include your logo, add lots of your photos, design your cover, insert extra pages, add training dates, etc!

What’s more, we can print your Calendar if you would also like paper copies.

So, get your staff involved and start collecting your images now.

To Order your Bespoke Inclusion Calendar for 2024

Please email your details to sharon@diversiton.com

or call 44 (0) 28 417 54777

Order you BESPOKE Inclusion Calendar for only £1,295

A Bespoke Inclusion calendar for only £1,295. This provides you with maximum flexibility! With the DESIGNED Calendar you can add your own images and dates to any of the months or change the graphics and text on the date pages. You can also insert your own cover image, additional pages and add a new back cover if you wish.

Companies sometimes add pages to promote specific activities, products or services. Other organisations highlight key events coming up in the year ahead, promote their successes in the area of inclusion, add a statement from the Chief Executive, add employee perspectives, etc.

Create your Corporate Calendar

Many organisations now create their calendar to suit their organisation or business schedules. For example:

Fiscal Calendars

are based on the financial year April 2024 – March 2025. These can incorporate Period Ends, Four Weekly Pay dates, Monthly Pay dates, Quarter End dates, etc.

Academic Calendars

are typically based on the Student year September 2024 – August 2025. These can include Semester dates, holidays, exam dates, graduation dates, etc

Corporate Calendars

integrate Inclusion with core Business activities – promoting key products/services and showcasing staff in everyday business situations.

The Inclusion Calendar is now established as the leading annual Inclusion publication across the world.  The online calendar is an important resource for staff as each month details all the main religious and secular dates – including bank holidays.  The calendar helps managers and supervisors to ensure that staff meetings and organisation events are not planned for dates when key sections of the workforce or customer base cannot participate.  We also know that numerous trainers use the calendar to support their diversity and equality training.

If you have any queries or wish to place an order for your organisation don’t hesitate to call or email Sharon at Diversiton  tel: 028 417 54777 or email: sharon(at)diversiton.com Thank you.