Bahá’Í house of worship hold ceremonies which include reading from scared texts ,prayers,meditations and choral music. At certain times, fasting is also practiced. The Faith has no clergy or sacraments. There is no equivalent of the Sabbath for Bahá’ís, The Nineteen Day Feast would be the closest approximation. As the name implies, this observance occurs every 19th day. baha7 The Bahá’í community believes that in offering service to humanity one is worshipping God, however there is still a very strong emphasis on the need for community worship and Bahá’í communities hold regular devotional meetings that are open to people from all faith communities. As already has been said, there are few rituals in the Bahá’í Faith:

  • The obligatory daily prayer
  • At funerals, the recitation of a special Prayer for the Dead.
  • A simple marriage vow.