The Online Inclusion Calendar

Diversiton can help you to promote your organisation’s commitment to inclusion every day. Most organisations now host the Inclusion Calendar on their website so that all staff and users have unlimited and free access at any time. The top SEVEN benefits from the online calendar are that it…

  • Provides important daily information on dates, holidays and festivals for managers and staff.
  • Ensures every person can have immediate access – at work and at home
  • Encourages self learning and personal development.
  • Helps to promote your values
  • Increases credibility with customers and users.
  • Supports your diversity, cultural and equality training initiatives.
  • Delivers a very cost effective resource to promote awareness of inclusion throughout your organisation and the community.



Our Standard online PDF calendar is now designed and produced in a format that allows universal access so that content can be used by as many people as possible including people with disabilities or vision impairment.  It makes it easier for people with disabilities to access the calendar with the aid of assistive technology software and devices like screen magnifiers, screen readers, speech-recognition software, text-to-speech software, alternative input devices and refreshable Braille displays.

This is also offered as an option in our Bespoke online PDF calendars.





Reaching a wider audience

Increased inclusion

Improved organisational image and profile

Better engagement

Increased usability

Provides greater participation and sense of belonging for many staff

Complements and brings greater value to overall D&I activities

OUTLOOK Inclusion Calendar 2024


Quickly check what is happening this week. Make sure organisation events don’t clash with religious holidays. Don’t miss important holidays, festivals or diversity dates.

The Internationally acclaimed Outlook Inclusion Calendar with over 260 important dates and events is ready for your outlook box. Amazing value as every employee can receive a copy for just £395.

We can also add your organisation events and key dates to create your Bespoke Outlook Inclusion Calendar for just £495. To order simply email Sharon(at) or call 44 (0) 28 417 54777


21 years as the leading Inclusion and Diversity Calendar

Our Calendars have come a long way in the last 21 years and we just wanted to say ‘thank you!’

We now produce bespoke calendars with great front covers. We include logos, images and key messages. We print bespoke calendars, provide the Outlook calendar and design Wall Planners. What’s more, we develop Calendars all year round – with Academic calendars that start in September and Fiscal calendars that commence in April! What this all means of course is that inclusion has become embedded into the fabric of many organisations.

More and more organisations see inclusion as closely linked with HR, Corporate Communications, PR, Operations or the Chief Executive’s department. ‘The Calendars are a dynamic visual reminder of what we are about as an organisation. They capture our values, they show our staff in action and promote our services!’ Now is the time to start planning your next Inclusion  Calendar! Link with other Departments, engage staff and gather some great photos. Your Calendar can be a real driver for diversity and inclusion across your whole organisation.

Do give Sharon a call on 02841 754777 or email with any queries. As I said, none of this would have been possible without your continued support and determination to embed inclusion, equality and respect within your organisation. Thank you!

Des McCabe – Chief Executive