Training Workshops and Courses – 2019/20


Our UK and Ireland network of trainers (based in Clonmel, Sheffield, London, Birmingham, Belfast, Edinburgh and Warrenpoint) deliver a range of programmes for Private and Public sector clients. Here is a summary of our main Courses. All Workshops are tailored to individual needs. Please contact us for further information on any course.


Enterprise and Income


Income Generation for Communities.

License your Training Courses.

Building an Enterprise Culture in Rural Areas

Developing a Social Enterprise network

CYSS (Craft Your Signature Speech) Presentation Skills Masterclass.

Write and Publish your Book on Amazon.


Community Empowerment

Income Generation & Sustainability for Communities.

Community Clubs & WorkCentres for all.

Work It Out!

Tackling Local Poverty and Under-Employment.

Collaborative Working Strategies.


Personal Development

CYSS (Craft Your Signature Speech) Presentation Skills Masterclass.

Career and Life Planning.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills.

Retirement Programmes.

Write and pubish your books on Amazon.

CV Expert.

Peace Building

Peace Building Skills.

PeaceBuilder Initiative for Schools.

‘New Space’ Reconciliation Approaches.

Spiritual Peacebuilding for all.

Faith and Community PeaceBuilding


Equality and Diversity

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies for today’s Workplace.

Respect at Work.

Religion and Belief within our Organisation.

Do we need a Prayer Room or a Quiet Space?

Older Workers – Retirement strategies that work for everyone!

Meeting and Working with People from Different Traditions.



Spiritual Inclusion.

Spiritual Exercises for Everyone.

Spirituality at Work.

Inner Learning.

Spiritual Coaching.

Further Information on our Courses and Workshops

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