An Inclusion and Diversity Calendar to meet Your needs

Corporate Calendars – Academic Calendars – Fiscal Calendars – Council Calendars – Health Trust Calendars

Online Inclusion Calendars

Online Inclusion Calendar with the key dates plus your logo on the font cover and on all the month pages. ONLY £595 per organisation.

Bespoke Inclusion Calendar

Add your images, insert extra pages, include key events and create your own front cover for your Inclusion Calendar. Bespoke PLUS £795 (£895 for accessible version), Fully Designed £1,295 (£1,395 for accessible version).

Outlook Inclusion Calendar

All the essential diversity dates in Outlook for all your staff. An online Inclusion Calendar that sits perfectly with your current outlook calendar. ONLY £395 per organisation.

Dates Package 2023

Use our proven and trusted Dates Package to create your own in-house calendar and remember key events. Comes in handy excel format. ONLY £395 per organisation.

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Online Calendar – with your logo

Your Logo is on the front cover AND on each of the date pages. 

A great way to promote Inclusion in 2023!

Bespoke Calendar  – add your images, front cover & title!

 With the Bespoke Calendar you can add you images, insert additional pages, include your organisation dates – and create your own front cover and title!

The Inverted Pyramid of Inclusion – Workshop & Workbook


Inverted Pyramid of Inclusion

The world’s most acclaimed TRAINING WORKSHOP on Inclusion. Licenses your Trainers and Managers to deliver this to all of your staff and build inclusion across your whole organization.



Order the 390-page Inverted Pyramid of Inclusion WORKBOOK for all your employees. Enable each person to build inclusion from the bottom up.


The Inverted Pyramid of Inclusion

Inclusion and Diversity Awards


Diversiton is the official Awarding Body for the International Inclusion Award and the Diversity Champion Award. With one online application (and one registration fee) your organisation can apply for both awards for 2023. 

Partners and Clients

We wish to say ‘thank-you’ to the hundreds of organisations who work with us year after year to promote respect and inclusion