Practical half day training session for all staff

Fresh thinking!

Innovative perspectives!

Packed with new concepts and ways of working.

Highly relevant for all organisations.

A Workshop for all staff

This is an important training session on inclusion for all staff but especially trainers, managers and team leaders. The workshop will enable organisations to update their policies, practices and ways of working to deliver a much more inclusive and effective model of diversity.

 Workshop Content

Key Points 

  • From diversity to inclusion – how the workplace is changing.

  • Recognising and building on individual strengths.

  • Unleashing the potential of all of your staff

  • Top 10 business benefits of inclusion – and how to measure them.

  • Turning team meetings into drivers of inclusion – 5 point checklist.

  • How to leverage untapped individual potential for organisational success.

  • Creating an inclusion strategy for your organisation, department or team.

  • The daily language and individual behaviours of inclusion.

  • Collective coaching – a practical management framework for building inclusion in the workplace.

  • How inclusion can unlock creativity – questions to ask all staff!

  • Going beyond engagement and empowerment to inclusion – follow the inclusion process.

  • How to build inclusion benefits into every encounter and engagement.

  • Inclusion training for all managers and staff – how you can make it happen.

  • Building Inclusion in the Workplace – personal action plans.

The Inclusion Workshop

Delivery Options, Costs and Timings

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Trainer Training Development Opportunities

In-House Trainer Development and Support Programme

A Trainer training programme is available to enable your staff to deliver The Inclusion Workshop in-house to your staff as and when required.  This is particularly suitable for Trainers, Managers, Team Leaders and HR personnel.

We provide

–  an in-house two day development workshop.

 –  all materials including full PowerPoint with notes, delegate exercises and trainer guide.

 – ongoing mentoring support.

–  a license to deliver the training for 12 months in your organisation.

Please contact us if you would like us to train up three or more of your staff to roll-out the workshop in your organisation.

Licensed Trainer Opportunities

Join our network of independent Trainers

Diversiton is continuing to build its network of approved Inclusion Trainers to operate on a freelance licensed basis in their local areas. Part-time and Full-time opportunities are available.

We provide

– an in-house two day development workshop followed by ongoing mentoring support.

– all materials including full PowerPoint with notes, delegate exercises and trainer guide

– centralised sales and marketing support

– an exclusive territory license  to deliver the training for 12 months in your locality.

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