There is no particular day of worship in hinduism,to Hindus every day is a day of  Worship.

Traditionally Hindus will have a shrine for worship at home and, depending on proximity, will visit the temple regularly as well.

The temple is a sacred focus for Hindus. However, respectful visitors are generally welcomed.

Worship consists of items such as kirtan (singing the names of God), bhajan (devotional songs), puja (offering items such as flowers, food, water and incense to God), sastra (reading from scriptures), sanga (associating with fellow devotees), and prasadam (sharing food offered to God). There are many cultural variations that determine which of these are performed and how they are performed.


There are many rites-of-passage within Hinduism. Again, these vary according to tradition but can include rituals to mark birth, babies first hair-cutting, babies first grains, formal acceptance of a guru, sacred-thread (brahmin) initiation, marriage, death and many others