Religious Satanism is comprised of many different groups and dogmas. The majority of these Satanists belong to groups like the Church of Satan, this group does not believe in the existence of Satan as a deity.

One characteristic of Satanism is the belief in individual self-determinism and the idea of Satan serves more as a symbol of individual liberty and freedom. In addition, most Satanists believe that Christianity is flawed, that there is no absolute morality, and that individuals are solely responsible for their actions.

A very small number of Satanists worship Satan as a God, this form of Satanism is called “Luciferian” Satanism. These believers worship Lucifer and look upon him as a liberator who frees his worshipers from oppression. He is not particularly seen as an enemy of God. Some members of this group believe that Lucifer was banished by the Christian God because he saw flaws in creation and traced the responsibility of these flaws back to the creator.