• 3000 B.C.E.
    Indus Valley Civilization
  • 1500 B.C.E. (estimated)
    Rishabhadeva, 1st Thirthankara (Prophet of Jainism). The founder of Jainism.
  • 877 B.C.E. (estimated)
    Birth of Parsvanatha, 23rd Thirthankara (Prophet of Jainism). Gave his followers a more defined approach and created a more distinct sect of ascetics. Born a prince, he renounced his life to become a monk.
  • 599 B.C.E. (approximately, some hold that he was born some 60 years later in 539 B.C)
    Death of Vardhamana Mahavira, the 24th Thirthankara (Prophet of Jainism)
  • 590 B.C.E. (approximately)
    The first Jainist nun, Aryika Chandana.
  • 327 B.C.E.
    Mauryan Empire founded
  • 175 B.C.E.
    Kharvel brings the Indian subcontinent under his control.
  • 87 C.E.
    Pushpadanta starts to write the Shatkhandagam
  • 156 C.E.
    Bhutbali completes the writing of the Shatkhandagam.
    Bhadrabahu, the last man who was the leader of the undivided Jainist.
  • First Century C.E. (approximately)
    The lifetime of Kundakunda, the celebrated author of the four influential Jainist books Samaya Sara (Treatise of the True Self), Pravachana Sara (Treatise of Lectures), Niyama Sara (Treatise on Pure Rules), Panchastikaya Sara (Treatise on Five Universal Components) and Ashta Pahuda (Eight Steps).
  • 3rd Century C.E.
    Rise of Gang Dynasty
  • 345 C.E.
    Rise of Kadamb Dynasty
  • 454 C.E.
    Devardhigani Complies Jain agams
  • 6th Century C.E.
    Rise of early Chalukyas
  • 7th Century C.E.
    8000 Jains massacred in Madurai
  • 753 C.E.
    Rise of Rashtrakuts
  • 821 C.E.
    The Jainist Emperor Amoghavarsh takes the throne; he was considered one of the four mightiest emperors of the world, His capital was Manyakhet. He left the throne to pursue spiritual matters.
  • 1022 C.E.
    Rise of Hoysalas
  • 1160 C.E.
    Rise of Chauta Dynasty at Tulundada
  • 1350 C.E.
    Rise of Saluva rulers in Karwar, Karnatak
  • 1451 C.E.
    Lonkashah founded the Dhundhia Order of Jainism.
  • 1867 C.E.
    Shrimad Rajchandra was born.
  • 1889
    Kanaji Swami was born.
  • 1893
    Virchand Gandhi attends the first world religion conference.
  • 1963 C.E.
    The death of Rajendra Suri who wrote and published the Abhidhana-Rajendra Kosh (Encyclopaedia) which took 13 years to write and 21 years to publish.