• 5-4 B.C.E.
    Birth of Jesus and John the Baptist.
  • 7 C.E.
    A young Jesus astounds the priest in the Temple with his wisdom.
  • 27 C.E.
    John the Baptist and Jesus begin their ministries
  • 29 C.E.
    John the Baptist beheaded by Herod.
  • 30 C.E.
    Jesus is Crucified and resurrected
  • 44 C.E.
    The term Christian is used for believers in Christ.
  • 100 C.E.
    John, the last of the Apostles dies.
  • 107 C.E.
    The first recorded use of the term “Catholic Church” by Ignatius.
  • 180 C.E.
    Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon becomes the first post-Apostolic church father to assert the primacy of the church in Rome over all churches.
  • 201 C.E.
    The first specific Christian church building erected in Syria.
  • 321 C.E.
    Constantine declares Sunday the official Christian Sabbath day.
  • 395 C.E.
    The Roman Empire divides into two portions, the Eastern side being Byzantium.
  • 1054 C.E.
    The Eastern and Roman church separate
  • 1095 C.E.
    The first of 7 crusades
  • 1232 C.E.
    Pope Gregory IX appoints the first inquisitors.
  • 1272 C.E.
    The last of the 7 crusades ends.
  • 1456 C.E.
    The Gutenberg Bible is Printed
  • 1508
    Martin Luther Writes and Publicises his 95 Theses. This is the beginning of the foundation of the Lutheran church.
  • 1521
    Martin Luther is excommunicated
  • 1533
    King Henry VIII breaks with the Catholic Church and founds the Anglican Church.
  • 1535
    John Calvin writes, The Institutes of the Christian Religion. Marks the beginnings of Calvinist Churches.
  • 1562
    Pope Gregory changes the calendar, making the New Year begin on 1 January instead of 1 April.
  • 1609
    The Baptist Church is founded.
  • 1611
    First appearance of the King James Bible, or Authorised Version, an official translation of the Bible into English.
  • 1827
    Joseph Smith founds the Mormon Church
  • 1831
    Pentecostal/Charismatic movement is begun by London Presbyterian Pastor Edward Irving.
  • 1914
    William Durham founds the Assemblies of God, which eventually becomes the largest Pentecostal Denomination in the world.