Over the last few years Diversiton has seen a number of significant developments in the area of diversity. Here are eight ways you can start to mainstream diversity in your organisation. Learn More

One day In-House Innovation workshop for Local Authorities AIMS The aims of the one day workshop are:

  • To embed a culture of innovation by exploring the challenges facing your Council and to explore the opportunities that this creates for service delivery improvement, efficiencies and staff development.
  • To create new ways of responding to this – at an individual, departmental and organisational level.
  • To encourage personal ownership and responsibility so that individuals are enabled to become the drivers of the changes.

Diversiton is the leader in the licensing of training materials & courses. Des McCabe and his Licensing team work with individuals and organisations all over the world helping to generate revenue and build training, education, consultancy and coaching businesses. We provide a flexible, highly cost effective and proven range of support options – all designed to ensure that you develop a successful, professional and profitable Licensing programme quickly. We work with training organisations, local authorities, international companies, community groups and independent trainers.

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Traditional voluntary sector funding models are no longer sustainable and are not adequate. Many voluntary sector bodies are recognising this and creating a new approach which is not just based mainly on grants. The Work It Out! Community Sustainability programme helps organisations to achieve their aims by moving from dependency and grants to building a secure range of income streams and becoming fully sustainable.

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‘Stop Being A Business Zombie – How you can find new meaning in work, spirituality and life.’ – takes familiar business terms such as time management, personal development and team building and gives us a totally different perspective on each.
This truly refreshing approach will lift you above a traditional business mind-set by offering new linkages and fresh insights. Thoughtful, challenging and inspiring, each of the ‘new definitions’ takes you in a direction least expected and along a path that engages you – helping you to generate additional ideas and find new meaning in common everyday situations so that you can become truly happy with your work-life balance.

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Start Your Own CV Resume Business in 24 hours join our international team of CV and Resume Experts

We have a team of licensed Experts across the world each with their own

Exclusive Area of operation. See if your Area is available and join us today.

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