Public Sector Innovation

One day In-House Innovation workshop for Local Authorities


The aims of the one day workshop are:

  • To embed a culture of innovation by exploring the challenges facing your Council and to explore the opportunities that this creates for service delivery improvement, efficiencies and staff development.
  • To create new ways of responding to this – at an individual, departmental and organisational level.
  • To encourage personal ownership and responsibility so that individuals are enabled to become the drivers of the changes.


Individuals will have the opportunity to look at

  • Their role – adding value / job satisfaction in the evolving structures / increasing contribution (How can I add greater value in what I do?)
  • Their department – re-appraisal of services / efficiencies / effectiveness / impact measures (How can our department become more effective?)
  • Their future – where does all of this fit in with my career development? / future plans? (How can I manage my development in a positive way given all of the changes?)

 One of the key opportunities that the Innovation Workshop can bring is the creation of new links between individuals and across departments in order to explore new suggestions and options. The one day workshop will lead to a series of ideas and action points to be followed up.


  • Understanding the new Public Sector landscape
  • Challenges facing our Organisation
  • Public Sector efficiencies & effectiveness – the new standards
  • Delivering results in priority areas – out of the box thinking
  • Jobs and work are not the same thing
  • Looking at yourself in SIX new ways
  • We don’t just have to do one thing
  • Make sure you’re qualified for your developing role and opportunities
  • Why work-life balance is at the heart of innovation
  • How to create innovative projects from scratch
  • Get out of your Department!
  • 10 ways that your section/area can be more effective
  • Defining your new/current role – the 80/20 model
  • Dealing with change in the workplace and job uncertainty
  • How long do you hope to be here? – Why?
  • Creating new service delivery models and approaches
  • Blueprint for maintaining a positive and motivated workforce in challenging times
  • Personal priorities and action plans to take away – and implement.

Outcomes from the day will include:

  1. The development and creation of a new process which goes across the whole Organisation. This will encourage a fluidity and flexibility for working across all groups and linking in with different parts of the Council.
  2. Building of a greater understanding about different parts of the Organisation. Meeting and working with new people and developing new relationships is at the heart of this.
  3. Potential for innovation. This process of positive engagement to focus on challenges and opportunities signals the potential for a significant culture shift at all levels in the Organisation- driving efficiency and effectiveness
  4. A range of specific targeted project initiatives will be conceived and proposed.
  5. Greater individual empowerment with a clear desire to build upon the process.


This programme is well established with Local Authorities across the UK. Here is a typical attendance list:

  • Senior Business Services Officer, Asset Management
  • Canal Manager
  • Health & Safety Advisor
  • Principal Policy Officer
  • Learning & Development Manager
  • Performance & Improvement Officer
  • Apprentice, Public Spaces
  • Legal Assistant
  • Senior Customer Services Advisor
  • Democratic Services Officer
  • Contracts Officer
  • Facilities and Civil Contingencies Manager
  • HR Business Partner
  • Principal Procurement Officer
  • Customer Services Manager
  • Business Services Officer
  • Accountant
  • Housing Officer
  • Surveyor, Asset Management
  • Customer Service Advisor
  • Business Projects Manager
  • Compliance Technician, Planning


9.30am – 5.00pm

Registration (9.30am – 9.45am)

Session 1 (9.45am – 11.15am)

Break (11.15am – 11.30am)

Session 2 (11.30am – 1.00pm)

Lunch (1.00pm – 1.45pm)

Session 3 (1.45pm – 3.15pm)

Break (3.15pm – 3.30pm)

Session 4 (3.30pm – 5.00pm)

  • Asset Management Officer
  • Director of Corporate Services
  • Sports Development Officer
  • Principal Elections Officer
  • Assistant Duty Manager
  • Visitor Services Officer
  • Policy & Communications Officer
  • Legal Executive
  • Property Manager
  • Principal Marketing Officer
  • Housing Officer
  • Community Safety Officer
  • Civil Contingencies Officer
  • Building Control Manager
  • Director of HR
  • Senior Policy Officer
  • Policy Implementation Manager
  • Apprentice, Environmental Health
  • HR Manager
  • Licensing Officer
  • Business Services Officer, Community Safety


Des McCabe – internationally recognised Personal Development Specialist, Management Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Government Advisor on Work & Business. Author of the best-selling book ‘Work It Out!’


The workshop is suitable for 12 – 60 staff


£1,000 per workshop.



What is your overall impression of the workshop?

  • Positive and empowering! It made me think about my role in a different way.
  • Really good and very informative. Definitely helps to focus thoughts on the future and how to think about and tackle difficult problems.
  • Excellent! Thought provoking and enjoyable.
  • Very helpful – the interactions encouraged me to think in a new way about my role and focus.
  • Thought provoking and confidence building.
  • Really didn’t know what to expect from the workshop. I was surprised, it was excellent – very motivating! Presentation was excellent. Provoking and empowering.
  • Intuitive, useful, interesting, helpful and positive – thank-you!
  • Excellent! Has made me feel more positive.
  • Eye opening! Gave me a completely new approach (and tools) for working with others in different areas.
  • Excellent! Huge scope from some really important messages.
  • Really good – it was great to be part of an engaging and energetic workshop.
  • Well-structured and thought through. A lot of ground was covered.
  • Very informative and very good – engaging.
  • I really enjoyed the workshop. It made me think of other ways I could be creative with the skill set and interests that I have.
  • Unexpectedly good, no, brilliant!
  • Very good and very uplifting!
  • Very informative! Lots of ideas generated. Good interaction between all kinds of members of staff from all types of department at the Organisation.
  • Very positive – something for all staff, no matter what their role.
  • Really good, important messages, inspiring and professional.
  • It gave me a more positive attitude. Des wants us to achieve. I would like to see the projects discussed acted upon.
  • Useful, dynamic and motivational! Interesting exchange of ideas with Officers I have never worked with before.
  • Hard work but really interesting, interactive and forward looking
  • Excellent! Really enthusiastic delivery! This is something I think everyone in the Organisationshould attend.
  • This is a really exciting and motivating approach! I am keen to get started on my project.
  • Very inspiring and confidence building – helped me a lot to think about priorities inside and outside of work.
  • Really motivating! Needed something to reinvigorate me so thank you for helping me to ‘refresh’ my attitude.
  • Very good. Great trainer, easy to listen to and very inspiring.
  • Excellent! Make me look at what I’m doing, have done and what I can do.