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Our International team can help with Training, Consultancy, Workshops & Advice. We are non profit making. Please click here to view our courses for 2016/17.

Calendars to meet Your needs

Diversity Calendars – Corporate Calendars – Academic Calendars – Fiscal Calendars – Council Calendars

Online Diversity Calendar

Online Calendar with the key dates plus your logo on the font cover and on all the month pages.

Bespoke Calendar

Add your images, insert extra pages, include key events and create your own front cover.

Outlook Calendar

All the essential diversity dates in outlook for all your staff. Sits perfectly with your current outlook calendar.

Online Calendar – with your logo



Bespoke Calendar  – add your images, front cover & title!

With the Bespoke Calendar you can add you images, insert additional pages, include your organisation dates – and create your own front cover and title!

Many of our clients run photo competitions for staff, students or the wider community. Start collecting some images now and we can create your Bespoke Online Calendar for 2016 – 17

Click on Bespoke Online Calendar to see over 80 images from Bespoke Calendars created by organisations such as Royal Mail, University of Warwick, Imperial College, Travelodge, NELFT and University of Glasgow.



Imperial College London


Royal Mail




University of Glasgow


NELFT NHS Foundation Trust


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University of Warwick


Irish Prison Service


University of Portsmouth

Partners and Clients

We wish to say ‘thank-you’ to the hundreds of organisations who work with us year after year to promote respect and inclusion