Personal Spiritual Development – at Work

 Helping us to make sense of life, purpose and meaning.

What is Personal Spiritual Development?

 Personal Spiritual Development enables you to start to uncover, understand and make real your true purpose. This quest is an individual and indeed lifelong one. It can be a joyful and at times challenging process but it is the most important important thing for us to do in life. It is our number one priority if we are to be truly content, happy and fulfilled.

What is Personal Spiritual Development – in the Workplace?

 Personal Spiritual Development ….

Support for Individuals, Teams and Organisations



Coaching Support

Monthly support includes one face-to-face coaching session.

Weekly email or phone/Skype conversation.

Free access to Training materials development programmes.


Guided 'Spiritual Exercises for Everyone'

Guided spiritual exercises for everyone program. Let me work with you to implement the spiritual exercises for everyone program. We’ll have a start off session. A review program at stage 12 and three and a final wrap up l



Workshop for groups and group decision-making.


Organisational Development

Facilitating Organisational Development Challenges and Opportunities


Team Building

Team Building


Strategic Decision Making

Strategic Decision Making

Spiritual Exercises for Everyone

Personal development training for individuals and organisations.

A thirty day development process




Personal Spiritual Development is underpinned by the principle of inclusion and acceptance of everyone – irrespective of their belief, culture,  religion or tradition.

The 7 Sources for Personal Spiritual Development

  1. Being gentle – the source of peace. We take time to appreciate the wonder of life around us.  Our appreciation of all creation makes us peacemakers.
  2. Being kind – the source of love. We do good in the world. We help others.
  3. Being wise self-contained not managed by life. Source of calmness. the capacity to understand the relative value of spiritual and material things.
  4. Being strong. Learning to cope with and manage the shortfall in any area of our life. Source of resilience. We stand up for what is right.
  5. Being successful. Making all this real. Source of action. Staying on track and achieving our Life Purpose.
  6. Being happy in ourselves. Source of joy. We have an understanding about the right way to live our lives.
  7. Being confident yet modest and unassuming. Source of inspiration. For we know that life is a gift we have been given. It is our task to use these gifts to benefit others wherever we find them each day.

As a source we have the wellspring within us that not only fuels are purpose vision and meaning but also Helps others through our actions or behaviour or values and our approach. We become a source of good in the world. So getting ourselves right and looking after ourselves properly in all areas is critical to our overall happiness. Spiritual coaching captures all of this – gently nurturing each of the seven sources enabling us to achieve our life aims, our career objectives and all aspects that lead to fulfilment.

The Real You

Understanding the ‘real you’ or your ‘true self’ is effectively THE quest in life. It’s understanding who we are, why we are here, and what it all means. This can involve consciousness, uncertainty around God, inner peace, a strong faith, a particular religious belief, or an unshakeable belief in the finality of our existence. Personal Spiritual Development is for everyone and does not promote any particular view.

Talking about God and Religion

Instead of talking about ‘God’ or a particular religious tradition can be divisive.

Personal Spiritual Development refers to your ‘true self’ or the ‘real you’. This helps to put aside previous conditioning around religion and spirituality – especially for the workplace. This is not to deny God or to devalue any particular religious tradition for PSD is fully inclusive for all. Indeed it is this openness and mutual respect which enables belief and non belief to co-exist within the mutually beneficial process of Personal Spiritual Development.

How is PSD different to ordinary personal development?

It provides a context within purpose vision and meaning. It’s just not ad hoc it’s not just picking up a particular program it’s not just responded to everything with already done and trying to be better it’s a much more comprehensive approach to the real us.

How is PSD different to traditional spirituality or spiritual coaching?

This is often tied up with concepts such as healing or whatever angels et cetera all of these can be important components and we are all free to use what helps. There are really no rules are you on that one of acceptance and love.

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