License your training courses

Others are waiting to fund your growth, build your brand and expand your business.

Diversiton is the leader in the licensing of training materials & courses. Des McCabe and his Licensing team work with individuals and organisations all over the world helping to generate revenue and build training, education, consultancy and coaching businesses. We provide a flexible, highly cost effective and proven range of support options – all designed to ensure that you develop a successful, professional and profitable Licensing programme quickly. We work with training organisations, local authorities, international companies, community groups and independent trainers. Here’s how we can help you….


The best selling eBook LICENSE YOUR TRAINING COURSE is the number one resource available (order below). A great place to start.


Our incredible range of RESOURCES will guide you through the process with proven templates and real life examples that will save you time, costly mistakes and missed opportunities. You can be up and running within 3 months!


Our ADVICE & TRAINING options delivered with Skype (or on-site) will help you to check out if Licensing is a viable option and how it can grow your business / generate income.


Our ONGOING SUPPORT means that we will work closely with you as you build your Licensee network.

Some of the Benefits of Licensing

  • Licensees pay up front in return for an exclusive area/arrangement
  • Builds national/international coverage for your business quickly.
  •  No need to recruit staff or open new offices.
  • Ongoing promotion for your course or service.
  • Creates additional and growing income stream(s).
  • Builds your brand quickly and professionally.
  •  Fast delivery time – license structures can be up and running within 3 months.
  •   Repeat license AND income fees – year after year!!


PART 1 – Learning about Licensing

  • Welcome
  • Learning about Licensing
  • Building Diversiton with Licensees
  • Sharing our Licensing experience
  • What our clients say…
  • Benefits of Licensing
  • What’s the difference between Licensing and Franchising?
  • Some Definitions
  • EXERCISE – Could Licensing help you?

PART 2 – How you can benefit from Licensing

  • Are you serious about growing your business or organisation?
  • EXERCISE – Check your credentials
  • EXERCISE – Your overall business strategy
  • Revenue streams from licensing
  • EXERCISE – Identify potential income streams from your course

PART 3 – Your Licensee Business Model

  • Every license arrangement is designed differently
  • Creating your licensing strategy and plan
  • EXERCISE – Designing your business model
  • Types of Licenses
  • Geographical areas, fees and earnings
  • EXERCISE – Building a profitable license model

PART 4 – Packaging your Training Course

  • About your Training Course
  • What are the key criteria for a successful product or service to license?
  • EXERCISE – The importance of the right Title for your course
  • Design a brilliant training course!
  • EXERCISE – Your delivery format
  • Professional packaging and presentation
  • EXERCISE – Your course packaging
  • EXERCISE – Related services for your course
  • EXERCISE – How to test your license idea

PART 5 – Finding and Recruiting Licensees

  • Your License offer
  • What makes a successful licensee?
  • Writing your license package – presenting all of the important information
  • Finding licensees
  • Interviewing and selecting Licensees
  • Recruiting your licensees

PART 6 – Building your Licensee network

  •  Creating a successful Licensee network
  • A professional and effective Website
  • Role of a PA
  • Proposed timescale for initial recruitment exercise – with dates!
  • Helping your licensees to be successful from day one.
  • Induction Training for your Licensees
  • EXERCISE – What is your possible Licensee recruitment plan?



PART 7 – Managing your Licensees

    • Managing the licensing business.
    • Consultant operations information
    • Local marketing approaches
    • The owner–licensee relationship
    • Referral management
    • Credibility and Integrity
    • Developing Your World Class Brand
    • Some practical management suggestions for making sure you deliver on your licensing plan

PART 8 – Resources

      • License your Training courses – RESOURCES

PART 9 – Training and Support

      • Benefits of using a licensing specialist
      • Why choose Diversiton?
      • License your Training Courses – START-UP SUPPORT OPTIONS
      • Grow your Business – fast!
      • License your Training Courses – ONGOING SUPPORT

PART 10 – Action Plan and Next Step

    • Recap on the Licensing Process
    • Priorities for pulling together your plan
    • EXERCISE – Our priorities and to-do list

License your Training Courses  –  ADVICE & TRAINING


Initial one-to-one discussion to explore if Licensing could work for your organisation. (One Hour phone or Skype session.) Just £99 to help you get started!



Half day Strategy workshop for you and your colleagues. Full PowerPoint presentation with question and discussion sessions. Ideal for 2-6 people; Three hour workshop with Licence your Training Courses Manual and Workbook (see below) – only £595.



Full day Strategy and Planning workshop for you and your colleagues. Full PowerPoint presentation with question and discussion sessions. Afternoon session is devoted to the planning specifics to maximise the opportunities for your course(s).  Ideal for 2-6 people; Six hour workshop with Licence your Training Courses Manual and Workbook (see below).- only £895.


Access the support that you need – delivered by Skype!7903684

We provide initial advice and assistance for individuals and organisations to help them to get started with a clear strategy and practical plan. The most popular option is an initial half day session – usually through Skype but we can also deliver at your premises. We also offer a one hour consultation and a full one day workshop – so choose what suits you best and get started
Key points covered in both half day and one day Workshops 
  • What are the key criteria for a successful product or service to license?
  •  How to package your current course or service as a ‘high value – in demand’ product
  •  Putting the correct value on your product or service
  • Building a profitable license business – fixed price or tender models –
  • Geographical areas, fees and earnings
  • How to test your license idea
  •  Writing your license package – presenting all of the important information
  • Finding licensees
  •  What makes a successful licensee?
  • Interviewing and selecting licensees
  • Induction – training your licensees
  • The owner – licensee relationship
  • Managing licensees
  • Monitoring quality, ongoing training and support
  • Renewals in year 2 and beyond.

Grow your Business – fast!

Licensing is a low-cost way of developing your business, building your customer base, extending your reach and increasing income.

It’s a process that continues to build steadily beyond the set-up phase as your licensees become established, additional licensees are added and renewals click-in for the second year

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The initial half day/full day training and consultancy package

All organisations that we have worked with have found the half day or full day consultancy support Workshop invaluable. This will help you to:
1. Clearly identify the key elements of a successful licensing framework
2. Develop a licensing strategy for your business.
3. Produce a draft plan for moving forward (full day option)
The half day session will detail every step of the license process relevant to your organisation and your courses. With the full day option you’ll also have a clear action plan that will enable you to build a successful and sustainable licensee network quickly.
Half day (Parts 1 & 2)
Part 1 – Overview of Licensing (1.5 hours)
Part 2 – Your Licensing strategy and plan (1.5 hours)
Full day (Parts 1,2,3 & 4)
Part 3 – Building a robust financial model, how to recruit your licensees & licensees contracts (1.5 hours)
Part 4 – Licensee induction, management of licensees, protecting your business, double your licensee income in year two (1.5 hours)


Hi Des, – Thank you so much for this session. It was brilliant! I have waited 4 years for this course. I had various ideas and pieces of information in disparate parts of my brain but this training session brought everything together and more. If you are thinking of licensing your training materials – don’t do it before you have been on this course. Highly recommended.
Sonia Thompson – Transformations

Why choose Diversiton?

1. We have successfully built our own organisation using Licensing. We have first hand experience.
2. We have worked with many organisations to evaluate if Licensing is right for them – and if so helped them to design the right solution. Our aim is to help you grow your business.
3. We don’t just talk about it. We can actually work with you to make it happen. Linking your product and our expertise is an exciting combination for us!
4. We have a great team. Des McCabe has built numerous training bodies – including a national Training company from start-up (in his front room) to a turnover of £10m+ (120 trainers).

Case Study

We recently provided support for one training organisation who earned $385,000 / £250,000 within 3 months from just one of their courses. Not only that, they now have the potential to repeat (and grow) this year after year.

Join our Superb line up of Clients ….


License your Training courses – RESOURCES

We have a full package of resources to help and support you. These give you proven templates and real life examples that will save you time, costly mistakes and missed opportunities. The use of this full packages of resources is just £495 per year – which include a FREE detailed review and support session if ordered online.

PACKAGING YOUR COURSES Real example of how to package a successful Licensee Training Product – Religion and Belief in the Workplace (see information). (This is provided in download format.) LICENSEE INFORMATION PACK TWO real examples of Licensee Information Packs that have worked! Use these as templates to help you to present your Licensee opportunity in the best way – and recruit your Licensees. LICENSEE CONTRACT Real example of a Licensee contract. Use and adapt this template with your details. LICENSE AREAS UK Area Framework ready for you. Great example template with 60 License Areas defined by Postcode (with the option of 10 Regions). Easily adapted for any Country. INDUCTION TRAINING – COURSE STRUCTURE Real examples of 1 day and 2 day Course Structures for induction programmes for your new Licensees – with topics and timings. INDUCTION TRAINING – POWERPOINT PRESENTATION Real Powerpoint presentation template for induction training of new Licensees. Just add your information! OPERATIONS MANUAL – Base document. Create your Licensee Operations Manual quickly with this base document. Typical sections include sample emails, booking of courses, terms and conditions, referral procedure, invoicing, etc. Please note that these resources are updated and added to on a continuous basis. You will automatically receive new resources and updates at no extra cost. Order now for just £495 with FREE online support session.334163


Example of a Licensee

Training Product

– Religion and Belief in the Workplace
– a half day workshop for all staff 

Contents of the CD training package

Training Course Planner – This provides a step by step guide with timings. The course is 3.5 hours and the Training Course Planner allocates times for each element and activity.

Powerpoint Presentation – The professionally produced Powerpoint presentation has been designed to guide delegates (and the trainer) through the programme.

Trainer Notes – On the ‘notes pages’ view of the Powerpoint slides there is an example ‘script’ (including guidance notes and points on exercises) for the trainer to make as the course progresses.

Delegate Notes – A complete set of delegate notes is included – ready to print off as needed.

Leaflet – A brochure to advertise the course in pdf format.

License your Training courses  –  ONGOING SUPPORT

 to guide you every step of the way and to MAKE SURE licensing delivers for you……
Yes – after the initial training we can continue to work with you.  We are determined to do all we can to deliver significant results for you.  All in all this is one of the best opportunities to drive real growth in your organisation – and share your training with thousands of people. Here are two typical ongoing support packages if you want us to continue working with you.

The ‘support in getting set-up’ – (3 month) package If you would like specific support for getting up and moving quickly then the first 3 month ‘working with you’ package is an ideal solution. This provides you with: 1. Packaging your product. 2. Creating a draft license agreement 3. Branding and design 4. Assistance in the development of a licensee information pack 5. Pricing and tender strategy 6. Three monthly review meetings (on site). 7. Weekly progress meetings (Skype)) to monitor action points against plan. The 3 month programme provides intensive support to help you to get to the point whereby you are ready to market to your potential licensees. This can be extended on a monthly basis if required.

The complete ‘we do it for you’ – (6 month) package
If you would like us to oversee and directly manage all aspects of the Licensing process for you then the ‘we do it for you’ package is the one to choose.
This is a six-month programme which includes all the features of the 12 week package PLUS
1. Website update for your courses, licensees and clients.
2. The building of a specific database of potential licensees for your courses
3. Design of all material including emails & brochures.
4. Online marketing and telesales input as required.
5. The ongoing day-to-day management of licensees as they come on board.
6. Work to put in place renewals for year tw

Licensing – Taking your business to a completely new level…..


Some of our Licensing clients …

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