Benefits of the Award


The Award 

  1. brings international recognition of  your organisation’s  commitment to promoting diversity.
  2. clearly demonstrates your appreciation of all personnel and so helps to promote team building and strengthens relationships at all levels.
  3. entitles your organization to use the official Diversity Champion Award logo on your  website, literature, emails, letterheads, promotional materials and signage – to promote your achievement.
  4. creates greater awareness of the importance of diversity across the organization amongst all staff and so encourages on-going learning.
  5. ensures that your organization will be promoted along with all other Diversity Champions on the Diversity Champions Website and in the new Diversity Champion Award Directory.

Award criteria

Your organisation must demonstrate that it has specific initiatives already in place to promote diversity and inclusion. These initiatives must be appropriate and relevant to your organisation and its employees. These these could include e.g.

  • Training programmes in diversity for staff
  • An organisation Equality and/or Diversity policy
  • Employee access to diversity resources (e.g. training materials, an on-line diversity calendar, ebooks or elearning)
  • Community projects that offer opportunities for others outside of the organisation


Key features of the Diversity Champion Award

A straightforward single status awards model. This allows smaller organisations to be included along with multinationals and local community bodies along with global businesses. As well as being further sub categorised, every organization has the privilege of being predominantly recognised as a Diversity Champions Award winner.

Convenient timescale.  There is no closing date for applications.  The Award can be applied for at any time of year, providing organisations with Award winning status for the next 12 months if they are accepted.  Organisations can then re-apply 1 month before each of their 12 month periods elapse if they wish to continue being an Award winner for the following 12 months.A one tier approach. There is no need to progress  through different levels of administration.Inclusive and comprehensive. The Award  encompasses all aspects of diversity.Cost effective. There is one registration fee with concessions for smaller organizations and non profits. There is no requirement to purchase other services.

‘Fast track’ assessment of ALL applications. There is a two week timescale for the assessment of your application.

Independent. The Diversity Champion Award is a ‘not for profit’ initiative administered by Diversiton. All application assessments are independently verified

Award Categories
 The Awards are divided into 4 specific categories, to ensure that each organisation is specifically recognised as a Diversity leader in their own sector.  These categories (and examples) are:           

Corporate   (Private, PLC, Business)
Public  (All levels of Government, Education, NHS, Housing, Policing, Local Authorities, etc.)
Not-For-Profit / Community Organisations
SME  (Individual/Small businesses)

Please use the Online Application Form 
You can download the Application Form here in Word format.  You can complete this form and return by  email.

Remember, there is no fee payable for submitting an application to see if your organisation is eligible for the Diversity Champion Award. You will receive feedback and advice from our Independent Verifier. If your organisation is successful an administrative fee will apply.