5 Minute Guides to Islam

Diversiton pocket Guides to World Faithsislam

Did you know that there are over a thousand million Muslims (followers of Islam) in the world today? That the word “Islam” literally means “submission” (to God)?
That Muslims do not worship any image or representation of Allah? That Muslims are duty-bound to pray five times a day? That the Qur’an (or Koran), the book of Islamic scriptures, is one of the most important books in human history?

The 5 Minute Guide to Islam is the ideal starting-point for those wishing to learn more about one of the leading belief systems of the world. A succinct and highly accessible summary, this handy guide provides the perfect introduction to the essentials of Islam.

Additional features of this pocket guide include: special days and timeline of important dates.
The 5 Minute Guide to Islam is one of a new series of pocket guides to world faiths. Each guide gives essential information on the history, traditions, beliefs and ways of worship in each faith.

Update your knowledge with this great little refresher book – compact, easy to read and true to the essence of Islam.

Perfect for the workplace, college, school and at home. Build up your collection of the 5 Minute Guides to World Faiths – the most highly respected and trusted series of religion and belief ebooks available.

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