5 Minute Guides to Hinduism

Diversiton pocket Guides to World Faiths

Did you know that Hinduism has some 800 million followers worldwide?hinduism That the word ‘Hindu’ is not found in any Hindu scriptures? That Hindus believes that our next incarnation is decided by our behavior in this life?

That, unlike other religions such as Islam and Christianity, Hinduism has no single founder? The 5 Minute Guide to Hinduism is the ideal starting-point for those wishing to learn more about one of the leading belief systems of the world. A succinct and highly accessible summary, this handy guide provides the perfect introduction to the essentials of Hinduism.

Additional features of this pocket guide include special days and timeline of important dates.

The 5 Minute Guide to Hinduism is one of a new series of pocket guides to world faiths. Each guide gives essential information on the history, traditions, beliefs and ways of worship in each faith.

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