The ‘Work It Out!’ 10 point daily routine

Establish your new daily routine. Make it a habit. You need to have a plan for each day. Use the following 10 points as a checklist and come back to this page often!

1. DSED – Do something every day! Move each of your workpiece ideas forward every day. Do something today with each one to help create it or move it forward.
2. Make your plan visible. Create an excel spreadsheet that you update each day, stick a large piece of paper on your wall, keep a special notebook or journal or have notes/images on your phone to encourage and remind you.
3. Read all the Work it Out! notes/ebooks on this page regularly!!  Ask   yourself – What am I creating? What new opportunity or idea have I started? Who did I meet today to initiate something new? How did I expand or improve a workpiece that I already have?
4. Read your Daily Signposts (Affirmations) every morning and evening. Focus on your success.
5. Write a workpiece to-do list each evening for the following day. Be clear about your priorities for each day. Put your to-do items in the order of priority and stick to it. Put a ‘Work It Out!’ reminder on your desktop, phone or computer to remind yourself to get on with building your workpieces, rather than wasting time on surfing, etc.
6. Link up with others. Work together and both get things done. Ask for help – and help others!
7. Be successful before 10am. Allocate your time effectively. Don’t spend the first couple of hours answering emails from friends if they are not essential in building your workpieces
8. Be active, eat well, exercise, get your sleep and get things done. Take control of your well-being!
9. Enjoy your success – be it creating a new workpiece, seeing a funding stream start to flow, getting income from an event you managed, working with others, learning a new skill, etc
10. Keep your journal up to date with your to-do lists, successes, revised plans, etc. Write notes in it every day.

‘Work It Out!’ is built on small steps. Every small step counts! START TODAY with your new daily routine or REFRESH your approach. Please keep going!!!

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