Pick & Mix – explore all of your life to date and use your skills and experience!

You have spent all of your life building your knowledge, skills, contacts, experience and expertise. This is your Pick n Mix – and you have this ‘bag of goodies’ ready to use at any time!   Now is the time to use this all of this experience! Let me show you how….

Start by delving into your bag of Pick n Mix and pull out what you are good at, what gives you a buzz, your strengths and what you really enjoy!


• Your future workpieces do not have to start from your last job.
• You can use any skills, experiences, interests, hobbies, etc.  that you have gained at any time throughout your life to create new workpieces.
• Think about who you can help. Be specific with what you can offer or support.

So, ask yourself lots of questions…… 

  • What jobs have you had in the past?
  • Are any of these relevant now? 
  • What documents are on your computer?
  • Could you use this information in a new way? 
  • What do you know about? 
  • What are you interested in? 
  • How could you help others?

We have to learn to explore and play with possibilities and ides.

Be creative! What if… ?

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