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Let us help you to get started

Are you serious about becoming a Millionaire Trainer? Would you like Des McCabe to work with you (and your organisation) over the next 6 months to make this happen?  If so, he will support you as one of his clients. You’ll work together on the proven 12 part framework below to create a lucrative license business for you based on your expertise and experience.

You’ll have the opportunity to take one of your courses, products or initiatives and start to create a seven figure business. Des will work with you over 6 months to help you make it happen. You’ll be working on a series of specific tasks each week to create your licensing structure. You’ll be following Diversiton’s proven blueprint and Des will help you to build an incredible business piece by piece. He will support you with everything you need – and it will be 100% owned by you.

You and Des will meet on Skype every week to review and progress all areas. You’ll see the business unfolding in a way you will find hard to believe. You’ll be developing your own unique high income (and sustainable) national or global training infrastructure. Des will even show you how to turn it into passive income so that you can enjoy the full benefits for years to come – without any work whatsoever, if that’s what you choose.


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The Complete Support (6 month) package

So here’s what you will be achieving over the next six months:

1.  Business review and potential for Licensing Creating the Licensing project ‘team’ Roles, responsibilities, meeting points and key indicators Agreement of implementation plan and timescales

2.  Designing an effective & credible Licensing proposition Unique and exceptional elements of the License – the USP Testimonials, Feedback, Benefits & Quantifiable outputs Who are we Licensing to? Where are they based? Core product and multiple income streams

3.  Creating a Licensee structure Geographical areas, Organization type, fees and earnings Licensee income – examples to be created Pricing of Licenses – putting the correct value on your product or service Person / business specification of successful Licensees Your overall Licensing business plan

4.  Premium Global Brand – Expert Positioning – NAME Name, Strapline and Web address Competitor analysis and Keywords Brand and Logo design

5.  Premium Global Brand – Expert Positioning – WEBSITE Your website, web presence, banners and content Social media links and SEO (search engine optimization) Selling products and Licenses

6.  Premium Global Brand – Expert Positioning – BOOK Writing the ebook Publishing on Amazon

7.  Premium Global Brand – Expert Positioning – PRODUCT PDF and physical packaging Training Content – trainer guide, delegate notes, operations manual, etc. Advertising materials to sell your course – leaflets / web forms

8.  Recruiting Licensees Recruitment strategy – starts day one! Development of the Licensee information pack In-house links for Licensee contacts The building of a database of potential Licensees Amazon, Facebook and Linkedin recruitment strategies Recruitment from your website

9.  Design of all recruitment materials including emails& brochures. Email marketing Direct mail Using other Agencies on a commission only basis

10. Interviewing, Selecting and Recruiting Licensees Writing the License agreement Interview process and format Interview & selection timescale for first batch of Licensees

11.  Induction training of Licensees Writing of Licensee Operations Manual – systems & procedures Design of Induction Programme Delivery of Induction Training for first Licensees The ongoing day-to-day management of Licensees as they come on board.

12.  Building the Licensee business Work to put in place renewals for year two Managing Licensees – key performance indicators Monitoring quality, ongoing training and support Renewals in year 2 and beyond.